“Who approved this?!”: My favorite Gov. Bevin Twitter posts

After being elected in the sleepy fall 2015 election due to very low voter turnout, Republican Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin rolled up his sleeves and got down to the important business of making life more difficult for historically underrepresented groups in the commonwealth. Bevin signed his first law on Feb. 4, limiting abortion access by requiring an in-person meeting with a doctor or counselor 24 hours before a patient could receive an abortion. The new politician also began dismantling Kynect, the state’s successful health exchange, and worked to “reform” Medicaid.

Gov. Bevin raises progressive Kentuckians’ blood pressure by his stances on practically every issue… But the new governor generously also provides his own comic relief. Even sites outside of Kentucky have noticed that Bevin’s social media presence is… odd. Local publications have examined Bevin’s feeds in depth for the most awkward selfies and inexplicable captions, but I’ve decided to delve in on my own and see what gems I can find…

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Amy Poehler says "Really?"

Live blog: I read the Washington Post’s coverage of the Stanford rape trial

I don’t claim to have followed the Brock Turner trial or the lead-up to it in detail, but I’ve been reading a good bit of the post-sentencing coverage. This morning I read the deeply moving statement that the survivor read in court to him, and I encourage you to read it as well, regardless (or perhaps especially) of if you don’t consider yourself well-versed in the fight against sexual assault and violence against women.

Whenever a story breaks, members of the media have to make a lot of choices about their coverage. There are so many examples of how lack of thought or poor decisions by journalists leads to unfair coverage. One example that got a lot of attention was each outlet’s choice of photos of the key players in the Trayvon Martin shooting. Some outlets used Zimmerman’s mug shot, while others used a blurry, dark photo of Martin; rarely were the two used together, and the choice of who should have the “scary” photo suggested biases in the coverage.

And we’re at it again. The dominant image used by outlets covering the Turner trial is his formal headshot, in which he beams above a suit jacket and tie. This got me thinking, other people on social media got me inspired, and here I go: I’m going to live-blog my reactions to this problematic Washington Post article covering the sentencing as I read it.

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9 books for recent grads to read this summer

A few years ago, one of my close friends gave me The Novel Cure, which is a book of literary “prescriptions.” The book serves as a sort of encyclopedia of feelings, and each entry offers book recommendations, reflections by the authors, and connections to similar moods.

Taking some inspiration from The Novel Cure, I’ve made a reading list geared for recent college graduates (those going through a quarter-life crisis may also enjoy this list). My selection spans from the sentimental to the inspirational/aspirational, which essentially describes my own moods in a given day as a new grad.

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Yogurt Land

In between Seneca and Cayuga lakes, where most barns are firetruck red, a tall green one with a curved roof stands out. Just down the road from Lori, New York, the barn is only a few minutes away from a roadside ice cream stand called Fingerlicks. From the big barn’s front entrance, the distant cool blue of Seneca Lake beckons behind an extremely faded white sign with black lettering. Strangers driving past the farm would have almost no chance of deciphering “Ithaca Water Buffalo Farm” before they whiz by.

On the far side of the barn, green pastures that are spread over gently rolling hills lie in wait for the farm’s cattle and water buffalo population, but in early April it is still a little too chilly for the animals to roam. And so they rest in the barn in two long rows.

Stepping into the dimly lit space, Eve Rosekrans is met by two dozen pairs of eyes. One Jersey cow is on its feet, and a dozen others lie calmly in their open stalls, attached by rope and chain tethers to a metal rail that blocks off a walkway littered with hay. Dim light illuminates the reddish-brown coats of twenty female cows. Heavy heads swing with slow grace toward Rosekrans, and a minute later nearly all the cows are on their feet.

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cats in dresses

Shocking! These pictures have no known copyright restrictions

Inspired by Clickhole and the public domain image searches I have been conducting at Cornell University Press.

It is so hard to find images for your workplace or blog that bring the right level of je ne sais quoi while also not setting you up for a crippling lawsuit. But never fear! I’m here to help. Feel free to use any of these images… they have no known copyright restrictions!

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